Google summer of code 2015 – A journey begins

  03 Apr 2015

It’s with extreme pleasure I’m sharing that WSO2 AppFactory has made to Google summer of code for the first time. AppFactory submitted two proposals and WSO2 altogether submitted 18 proposals from eight different products. There was a huge excitement and interest in students from all around the world choosing projects submitting proposals and asking questions. Out of all accepted organizations WSO2 won 10 slots from google, out of which appfactory got one project slot, this indeed is a great achievement for the strat.

What is WSO2 AppFactory?

AppFactory is a PaaS for application development and application lifecycle management. It’s enriched with great developer friendly toolings and it supports many enterprise application types. In simple words it’s a factory for version controlling, build management , issue tracking and application deployment for small and large scale application development.

Still the platform is under beta and many exciting features are rolling out every two weeks. With new apache stratos 4.1.0 integration which support docker as the IaaS, appfactory is going to support per application pre version instances. With this appfactory will support node js, php, tomcat and many more single tenant applications.

Suggested summer of code projects

  1. A Command Line tool for appfactory

Focus of this project is to provide a terminal friendly developers a tool to interact with AppFactory. As an example, create application, build, branching, get build status, deployment status, build history, build logs, health check of the servers etc …

Tool should be developed on top of a lightweight runtime which doesn’t require much memory footprint.

  1. Selenium tests plugin for applications

Applications created in Appfactory has a testing lifecycle stage. Idea of this project is to facilitate this stage with selenium tests. Users should be able trigger the selenium tests against a deployed web application and retrieve the test results. And there should be an option to run tests either in headless mode or not, depending on the mode; will have to run the test on a compatible server.

Student selection

It was tough job to choose a candidate out of submitted 8 proposal for appfactory. Fathima from University of Moratuwa was selected after all the ranking and filtering. Will give updates on project progress and how she i.s going to implement the CLI tool in a separate blog post.

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